Grow and scale your cause with Memberships

Nonprofit membership programs help increase support for your mission. Donorbox makes this an easy endeavor with Memberships.

Membership programs are a fantastic way to cultivate focused support for your cause and generate predictable revenue. Your members play an active role in advocating for your cause - with a focus on the “why?” behind your mission.

Memberships also allow you to nurture donor relationships more efficiently, giving you the tools you need to raise money for your organization in exchange for benefits or services such as an insider newsletter or invitations to member-only events. Membership programs help you better involve your supporters with your organization and develop longer-term donor relationships.

How to create a membership campaign

Ready to build a membership campaign of your own on Donorbox? It's easy to do - just follow these steps!

Step 1 - Go to your Donorbox Dashboard

Start by logging in. You'll automatically be brought to your Donorbox Dashboard. Then, click on 'New Membership Form' under 'Quick Start'.

Step 2 - Create a new Membership campaign

This will open up our campaign creator. Here, you can name your Membership campaign, edit the form's language, and set a fundraising goal if desired.

Satisfied with your choices? Select 'Create Membership Form'!

Step 2 – Add monthly and yearly membership tiers

Under 'Accounts', you’ll find the 'Memberships' section. Click on it and the 'Memberships' page will open.

Add as many membership tiers as you want for monthly and annual membership intervals. Use custom, unique names for your membership tiers and adjust the membership fee amount with each tier. Be sure to click 'Save'!

Step 3 – Edit your membership campaign

Next up, edit the details of your membership campaign form by clicking 'Create a membership campaign'. Here, you can add a title for your membership campaign, customize the color of the form, and edit your membership tiers further.

You also have the option to disable or enable the custom amount field on the form. By default, it will be disabled.

By enabling the custom amount, you donors will be able to give a custom amount and still become members

In this case, the donor will be associated with the tier just below the next higher-defined membership tier. For example, if your membership fees are $10 and $30, but the donor gives $29, this donor will be associated with the $10 tier.

Next, select the default interval – this interval will have a heart icon next to it. We recommend highlighting the membership tier with the best value.

Then, select the option for the donor to leave a comment if you'd like them to be able to do so.

Step 4 – Create your membership campaign

When you're ready, click on the 'Create Campaign' button at the bottom of the page.

Now, you can preview your campaign or select 'Continue Editing' to add other details.

Step 5 - Continue editing your membership campaign

If you click on 'Continue Editing', you’ll be taken back to the page where you can manage your tiers, change the title, etc. as shown in the previous steps. If you have nothing more to change on this page, click 'Next' and go to the 'Amounts' page.

Toggle the 'Multiple Currencies' switch, as shown below, to add more than one currency option to your membership form.

Scroll down to find more options to edit your form. You can select your payment methods here, choose whether to show the currency code next to the amounts, add a checkbox on the form to let your members cover the processing fee, and change the donate label to 'Pay' (by default, it is checked).

Scrolling further, you will see the Compliance and Disclaimer field. Here, you can add information specific to your organization. Once done, click 'Next' to continue editing the form.

You’re now on the 'Donor Information' page, where you can select which information you want to collect from your members. Check the 'address' and 'phone' boxes, make them optional (or don’t) – that’s up to you!

You can also enable company donations from the 'Employment Info' section. This can multiply your member’s payment amount to a certain percentage that their employer would like to match. Once done, click 'Next' to move ahead.

On the next page, you can type in a custom thank you message to be shown to your members upon completion of the payment. You can also choose to redirect them to a page on your website – just paste the appropriate link in the “Redirection URL” box and you’re done.

Click 'Update' to finish editing your membership form.

Step 6 - Sharing your campaign

There are several ways you can share your membership campaign with the world.

Embedding your campaign on your website

You can now embed the updated membership form on your website. To do that, find your Membership campaign on the Donorbox dashboard (under 'Campaigns') and click the '<>Embed codes' button.

Copy the code (as highlighted in the image below) and paste it into your website where you want it to appear.

The membership form will then be embedded onto your website and you can start accepting memberships through it!

Utilize a Donorbox-hosted campaign page

If you want to use the Donorbox-hosted Memberships campaign page instead, you can easily customize and start using it at no extra cost.

On the 'Campaigns' page, find your membership campaign and click the edit icon as shown below.

Under 'Fundraising Page & Crowdfunding', click the edit icon to customize your free Donorbox-hosted Memberships campaign page.

Here, you can customize your page by adding a background image and a description, as well as enable a donor wall and social sharing buttons, among other options. Click the 'Update' button to save your page and it will look something like this:

Promote your campaign with a QR code

You can also use the free QR code generated for your Memberships campaign on Donorbox to direct potential members to your form. To do that, go back to the 'Campaigns' page, locate your membership campaign, and - as shown in the below screenshot - use the 'QR Code' dropdown to download the image file.

Embed it on your marketing materials to help potential members easily navigate to your membership form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Donorbox Memberships

1. How much does Donorbox Memberships cost?

Donorbox Memberships is free to start. We charge no cost for you to sign up on Donorbox and start a membership program campaign. There’s a nominal 2.95% platform fee for using the feature, alongside the processing fees of Stripe or PayPal (2.2% +30c).

2. How is a membership campaign on Donorbox different from recurring donation campaigns?

With Donorbox Memberships, we’re offering nonprofits a dedicated membership form with monthly and yearly subscription options and membership tiers. We are also letting them manage the membership and payment information at the backend with improved filters. This will come in handy for reporting and tracking purposes. Finally, with a dedicated membership campaign, nonprofits can better manage their membership programs, offer perks to their members, and improve donor retention efforts.

3. What payment options will members have for their monthly/yearly payments?

Your members can pay using debit and credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, ACH, and SEPA bank transfer.

4. Will members be given their own membership accounts to manage their membership subscriptions?

As soon as your members give to your membership campaign, they’ll receive their member login details from Donorbox. From there, they can log in with their credentials and manage their membership and payments at any time.

5. Can monthly subscriptions be upgraded to annual subscriptions?

Currently, you cannot. But we’re taking note of all suggestions and feedback from nonprofits and our existing users to implement new features in the future. Feel free to connect with our support team here or email us at [email protected] and leave any additional suggestions for our product team at Donorbox.

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